Who is he?

Marshall MacFarlane was born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada. In addition to being a soldier, a millwright, Facilities Manager, trapper, hunter, and fisherman - Marshall is an accomplished writer. He had his first Outdoor Column in High School, with Wilderness Tales N Trails, which eventually became the Maritime Sportsman. Shortly after moving to Arizona, Marshall became a Staff Writer and Asst Editor with the Arizona Outdoorsman magazine. A long-time writer for the Hot Spot Journal, he has had a monthly outdoor column as well as dozens of feature articles published with that newspaper. Other publications that have carried his work include Eastman's Hunting Journal, Western Whitetail, the Arizona Republic, and Raising Arizona Kids. He is a past member of the Western Outdoor Writers and POMA. Currently Marshall is blogging with Skinny Moose Media, and serves as a Contributor for OutdoorHub.com. Marshall lives with his wife Karole and daughter Mikaela, in Queen Creek, Arizona.


What do we do?

In a nutshell - any kind of literary finagling that you, as a small- or medium-business owner, wants me to do! How about a snappy, professionally written Press Release? Maybe you need some catchy content written about your company and your products for your brochure or website. Maybe a magazine has shown interest in an article profiling your company's story. Perhaps, you have a lot of the writing already done - you just need to have it proof-read and edited. Need a professionally written review of your product or service? How about your new DVD? I can do all of that, and you won't be invoiced until you are 100% satisfied.


Why Desert Rat?

I have a knack for dialing in on who you are as a company. The players, the ethos, the pulse - and putting that into words. I wrote an article for one company and their first comment was "You nailed it - it's like you have been with us for years". That's what I do.


Past clients include: Ghost Camo, Tink Nathan, Natural Predator, No Trace Camo, and more! Writing services donated to Arizona Elk Society, Hunt of a Lifetime, Hunters Helping Hunters, and others


Who do I work for?

My target clientele are new and/or small companies, especially those that market products or services related to hunting or fishing. Many of these companies can't afford big marketing contracts. They know what they want to say - they just need some creative, affordable help. That's where I come in. From foot wear to firearms, bows to bears. Outfitters, Hunting DVDs, archery gadgets, optics - if you have an outdoor product, I have the experience to help put your pride down on paper. Everyone has something they are good at - I can't build a bow, but I can sure write about yours! Remember, your website, your magazine ad, your brochure - that will probably serve as your customers' first impression of your product. Don't you want to put as much care into describing your company, as you put into all of the other facets of your business?